SoulFully Nourished
Intuitive Painting & Creative Coaching

SoulFully Nourished Intuitive Painting and Creative Coaching

At ECC, we take a Holistic Approach that focuses on whole-person healing- Mind, Body, and Spirit. In addition to our mental health counseling

Intuitive Painting and Creative Coaching

Services, Founder, Jaryn Warren, offers  SoulFully Nourished Intuitive Painting and Creative Coaching groups, workshops and 1:1  sessions, utilizing her training in the Expressive Arts, Mindfulness/Mindful Eating, Intentional Creativity, and meditative movement ( e.g. Trauma Conscious Yoga Method, Healing hula hoops) to guide participants on their journey to freedom , wellness and healing from past limiting beliefs (The “old Stories”), behaviors and negative experiences that prevent living authentic, compassionate and intentional full lives. Throughout these services, we will focus on identifying personal values and engaging in exercises to learn how to intentionally take steps to honor these values in our daily lives. We will also examine unhealthy lifestyle choices that may be impeding one’s capacity for self-healing and growth and we will work together to create healthy routines that promote self-love and nourishing oneself daily.

What is Intuitive Painting?

SoulFully Nourished Intuitive Painting Sessions are a  series of transformational, intuitive painting process sessions. Our sessions together will involve using mindfulness, self-inquiry, writing exercises/reflections, and other expressive means, to purposefully and intentionally use art and movement as a method for healing, prayer/meditation, and for personal growth and nourishment. The paintings and artwork that you create are your original stories and past experiences transformed into beautiful, soulful Painted Poetry on canvas, that inspires hope and new possibilities for your present and your future self.

Not an Artist? No worries! I will be guiding you Step-by-step throughout this entire process and healing journey through paint.


1. Learn to trust your intuition and access your inner wisdom.

2. Learn to let go and heal from past negative experiences or limiting beliefs.

3. Increase your capacity for Self-Love and Self-Esteem.

4. Access your creativity.

5. Connect with your spirituality.

6. Let go of perfectionism.

7. Express your hidden/inner thoughts and experiences

8. It is simply, a lot of fun!

Please contact Jaryn Warren for more information and to schedule your Soulfully Nourished sessions today! Healing is just 1 brush stroke away!

**Please note that Insurance is not accepted for these services as this is therapeutic use of art, but are not Psychotherapy or art therapy sessions***