Desma Gentry,  LMFT

Desma Gentry, LMFT

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
LMFT 116896

“My greatest reward as a therapist is the privilege of becoming a participant in one’s journey and helping them make positive changes in their lives. I strive to assist my clients in looking toward the future with hope and a greater sense of overall peace.”

Desma received her Bachelor of Science in Human Services and went on to pursue her Masters in Counseling (Marriage, Family, and Child Therapy) from the University of Phoenix. Desma specializes in working with individuals and couples and addressing issues relating to trauma, substance abuse, domestic violence, chronic illness, anxiety, depression and relationship concerns. Her warm, caring, and non-judgmental approach is often calming to those she works with as she assists them in developing effective coping skills, and overcoming personal barriers.

Through Desma’s battle with breast cancer, she realized the importance of leaving a legacy of hope. Her personal fight played a vital role in her commitment and passion in creating holistic treatment targeting client wellness. Psychotherapy is not just what she does. It is an art that she continues to develop at Expressions Counseling Center.

Insurance accepted: Blueshield/BCBS, MHN/Healthnet, Cal Viva, California Health and Wellness (CHW).