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Inspiring, Empowering and Uplifting BIPOC communities, Women and Teen Girls.

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Jaryn Warren, LMFT, Owner, CNS-candidate

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Welcome to Expressions Counseling Center! At ECC, our mission is to inspire, empower and uplift BIPOC communities, Women, Adolescent Girls, and their support systems. We strive to help you discover who you can be and what you can accomplish in spite of your struggles or your past. We are dedicated to providing culturally sensitive, compassionate, collaborative, life-affirming, and trauma-informed care that honors our client’s backgrounds, identities, and experiences, from therapists who actually get where you are coming from!

At ECC, we treat mild to moderate mental health concerns and provide holistic and integrative care that includes Nutrition for Mental Health! We specialize in healing trauma, anxiety, depression, self-esteem, body image concerns, women’s issues, and relationships to food/disordered eating; adjusting to chronic illness, pain, or disabilities, and relationship counseling. We are HAES aligned and believe that everybody in every and ALL bodies, regardless of shape, size, abilities, color, or orientation, deserves self-acceptance, self-compassion, respect, and quality treatment.

The ECC Therapists are trained in a variety of evidence-based, somatic, and mindfulness modalities, that will help you get re-acquainted with your voice, your body, your needs, and your values and help you achieve the spiritual, mental, and emotional wellness and balance you have always wanted and needed. Sis, we’ve got you!